Inter Bank Transaction

Electronic Cheque Clearing System ( ECC )  :

Shree Investment provides ECC (Electronic Cheque Clearing) facilities to our valued customers. We use the NCHL-ECC system, an image-based, cost-effective solution that employs MICR technology for cheque processing and settlement.

NCHL-ECC charges are as follows:

  • Regular cheque processing up to 2 lakh: Free
  • Regular cheque processing above 2 lakh: Rs 30 per cheque
  • Express clearing: Rs 100 per cheque

Inter Bank Payment System ( IPS ):

Shree Investment offers IPS (Inter Bank Payment System) facilities to our valued customers. We utilize the NCHL-IPS system, an interbank fund transfer system that supports both bulk and individual transactions between participating member banks and financial institutions. It facilitates account-to-account payments (Direct Credit) and collections (Direct Debit).

NCHL-IPS transaction fees are as follows:

  • Up to Rs 500: Rs 10 per transaction
  • Rs 501 to Rs 5000: Rs 15 per transaction
  • Rs 5001 to Rs 50,000: Rs 25 per transaction
  • More than Rs 50,000: Rs 40 per transaction


Shree Investment provides ConnectRTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) facilities to our valued customers. We use the NCHL-ConnectRTGS system, which supports the processing of high-value and urgent transactions between participating banks and financial institutions.  RTGS charges are applied as per RTGS rules set by NRB.

To access the application form for IPS/ConnectRTGS, click here or contact our nearest branch.