SIFCO has developed tailor-made and highly attractive schemes for mobilization of fixed deposits and for lending. Following are the schemes.

Deposits Schemes:-

» Fixed Deposit Scheme

» Recurring Fixed Deposit Scheme

» Multiplier Deposit Scheme

» Saving Deposit Scheme

» Neighbourhood Saving Scheme

» Shareholder Saving Scheme

» Premium Deposit Scheme

» Best Saving Scheme

» Shree Samriddhi Saving Scheme

DepositInterest Rate
(A) Fixed Deposit Scheme
3 Month8.00%
1 years8.50% (Individual)
8.50% (Corporate)
2 years
9.00% (Individual)
9.00% (Corporate)
(B) Saving Deposit Scheme
Saving deposit account4.50%-6.50%
Neighborhood Saving account4.50%-6.50%
Shareholder saving account4.50%-6.50%
Premium saving account4.50%-6.50%
Best saving account4.50%-6.50%
Call Deposit2.50%
Nari Saving account4.50%-6.50%
Senior Citizen saving account4.50%-6.50%